Before surgery I was a huge 38JJ cup breast and suffered back ache, neck ache and sleep apnoea. Mr Lahiri worked with me and did not give me false hope or unrealistic expectations. He listened to what I wanted. The recovery went well and I was looked after every step of the way. I would recommend it 100% and I would have no issues with booking Mr Lahiri for another procedure in the future. My breasts now look amazing and it was worth every penny. It has changed my life! ...

Forever grateful. AG


Mr. Lahiri did a breast uplift and tummy tuck for me. I am very pleased with how I look now. He was really nice and explained everything so well.



I had 3 procedures, Rhinoplasty, One Stitch Facelift and Abdominal Liposuction carried out on the same day by Mr Lahiri in January 2014. I am delighted with the outcome of my surgeries and have absolutely no reservations in recommending this excellent surgeon. I have healed really well and had no complications from any of the procedures. He and his team were very professional and I felt safe and looked after before, during and after the procedures. Excellent follow up and good value for money. 



Marvellous!!!! Mr Lahiri really went out of his way to spend time explaining the procedure.  His care was faultless.  I was a J cup and now a very happy C cup.  It has been life changing for me, I even went up onto the dance floor and felt very comfortable and not self-conscious at all.  My family say I look great and very happy.  I am very happy to recommend Mr Lahiri.



I had a surgical procedure performed to remove a rodent ulcer by Dr Lahiri.  His skill to match in my scar around my nose and eye to a degree that I have to point it out to people is remarkable.  Dr Lahiri is not only a fine surgeon but also a gentleman.  I would have no hesitation in recommending Dr Lahiri to anyone.



A pleasant, professional, caring consultant with amazing skills that produce fantastic results.



I was quite nervous - but Mr Lahiri was very friendly and professional. He put my mind at rest and finished with the operation before I even knew he started. The wound healed very quickly with minimal scarring. I would like to thank Mr Lahiri for giving my quality of life back.

Rev Dr JG


Thanks for the fantastic job you did of my breast augmentation you have made me a very happy woman.


I had my breast augmentation under the muscle six weeks before and I am healing very well.   I don't want big breasts but just look natural and Mr Lahiri did a fantastic job.  He is a very nice, caring and professional Consultant Plastic Surgeon.  He explained everything in details and quick response whenever I felt worried before and after the operation.  Mr Lahiri and his team made me relaxed in the theatre while waiting for the procedure.  After the procedure I was thinking I had something fake in my body but Mr Lahiri told me the silicon gel is part of my body.  I feel more comfortable and confident now.  I would like to thank Mr Lahiri for his great job and wish him every success in his future.  Highly recommended!!!



My eyes were getting me down for some time. I had big bags under my eyes and a lot of excess skin in my eyelids. I had both eyelids done by Mr Lahiri, They have healed so well and so quickly. There is slight puffiness in the lower eyelids, but its getting better. I'm so happy! 



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